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Reporting instructions for Walter Ehrström grants

Grant recipients are required to report the use of the grant to the Walter Ehrström Foundation. Failure to report grant use by the given deadline (see below) may jeopardize future grant opportunities.


Research grants should be reported within one year of the award date (March 17th for 2020 grants; March 12th for 2019 grants). The report is free-form and has a maximum length of 4 pages. The report should include the following:

  • background, method and purpose of the research
  • the main findings and conclusions of the study
  • an explanation of how the research contributes to food hygiene or milk hygiene
  • a financial report
  • an overview of work-related publications, presentations at seminars and conferences
  • optional attachments:
    • Work-based science publication or abstract (may also be submitted separately at a later date).


If the work has not been completed by the deadline, an interim report should be prepared by the research grant recipient. The maximum length of the Interim Report is 1 page and should include:

  • an explanation of the reason for the delay and possible changes in the way the work is carried out
  • the current stage of the work
  • the timetable for completing the work.

The interim report does not replace the final research grant report. The final report should be completed as soon as possible.


Travel grants are reported within two months from the end of the trip. The report is free-form and has a maximum length of 1 page. The report should show the following:

  • a brief description of the trip and its purpose
  • a brief description of what was achieved with the trip
  • optional attachments:
    • conference presentation or abstract 
    • course program (study trips).


Questions regarding grant reports can be sent to hanna.castro (at) maitohygienialiitto.fi.