Turvallisen ja hygieenisen maidon edistys ja kehitys

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Welcome to the web pages of the Finnish Association for Milk Hygiene

The Finnish Association for Milk Hygiene promotes and develops the production and production environment, processing, transport and trade of hygienic and safe milk of good quality in Finland.

Founded in 1960

• Members
Municipal communities

Dairy groups

Association of Milk Producers

Association of Veterinary Hygienists
Number of members 22 

• Board of Directors
Chairman: Professor Miia Lindström, University of Helsinki

Other board members represent Finnish Food Safety Authority, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, municipal authorities and laboratories, dairies, milk producers and consumers.

•Executive Director

Kristiina Asplund, DVM, PhD

• Basic activities
Collection and publication of milk quality statistics
Co-operation body between authorities, dairies,
 milk producers, consumers and markets

Training and guidance related milk hygiene

Surveys and overviews of milk hygiene and related topics.
Takes initiative in and gives statements on milk hygiene and related topics